Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am very happy to get the scrumptious award for the first time. I owe it to Sailaja from Sailajas kitchen.I must wholeheartedly thank her for giving this award to me. It is very kind of her as a good friend to pass on this award to me.I thank her for appreciating my blog.
I am so glad that my blog has been appreciated and honoured. I am very much interested in cooking and trying out various recipes from different cultures. I am basically a south indian , but since I was brought up from childhood in Mumbai, You can say that I am almost a cosmopolitan. I read and write marathi, hindi, french etc and I also speak these languages very fluently.
I can even speak a bit of gujrathi and understand what they talk. My friends circle is also cosmopolitan. I celebrate all the different festivals with different people.
My family loves travelling. Every year we make it a point to visit different countries in the west and also in India. My husband is a travel freak and encourages touring different destinations.I also love to collect mementos from all the places I visit and make sure that my show case is full of them. I am an avid shopper. I am extravagant and love to shop for anything ranging from clothes to foot wear to handbags or jewellry be it artificial or real. I get a lot of comments from my daughter and husband for accumulating things, but I still keep on collecting to my satisfaction. I also love watching the daily soaps in different T.V channels. I also love interacting with my friends like we go to watch movies have small kitty parties etc.I am basically an extrovert by nature and love to get to know people and become friendly with them. I am also loud and talkative though my daughter snubs me to reduce my volume. I am very friendly by nature and I can't tolerate to see people suffering for food ,clothes and other things. I want to make the less privileged happy by doin something for them which is also useful to them.
I think that I have said enough about myself.


  1. Hi Congrats on the awards and it was indeed nice to read more about u.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leavening wonderful comment..u have wonderful blog with lovely recipes. congrats on ur award and nice to know more abt you .. will be following from now onwards..

  3. Hi first time here you have a nice place. Congrats on your awards.

  4. Congrats on ur award.....nice to know about u .....