Saturday, August 15, 2009

chow chow (chayotee) thogaiyal


Chayotee -1
urad dal - 1tblsp
chana dal - 1 tsp
Red chillies - 7-8
Grated coconut -2 tblsps
Salt - as required
asafoetida (hing) - a pinch
Tamarind - a lemon size


Take a kadai and 2 tsps oil and cut the chayotee into small pieces and roast in oil.
Remove from fire and add urad dal, chana dal, red chillies and roast in the remaining oil.
Now remove and put both of them in a wet grinder and along with salt, hing and tamarind and coconut grind into chutney.
Now the chutney is ready to be served. You can have it with plain rice and ghee or even with idli or dosa.


  1. iam sure it will be great with rice..........

  2. Hi Pari, thanks for visiting my blog.Chayotee in tamil is called bangalore kathrikai(brinjal). This is a guava shaped vegetable quite big in size of a big guavaand available in India with small thorn like surface. It is very commonly available. We even make a gravy dish with dal and this vegetable which is called kootu. I am sure after u make it u will enjoy tasting it.

  3. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog.Thogayal looks yummy.sure it will be gr8 with rice, Idli & dosa..

  4. Nice thogayal. :) looks really tempting. Thanks for visiting my space. you have a lovely blog. Will be following you from now on. :) Keep visiting my blog.

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