Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vellam aval (jaggery poha)


Aval (poha) -2 cups
Jaggery - 11/2 cup
elaichi (cardomom) -6-7
Cashew nuts for garnishing -7-8
Raisins -few.
Ghee - 1Tblsp


Wash the aval (poha) nicely in water and leave it for some time without water.(It will become soft with the washed water itself)
Take a kadai wash the vellam (jaggery) nicely and the put it in the kadai with little water.
The jaggery starts melting little by little and when it has melted fully and become a syrup, start adding the soaked poha to it.
Now start mixing thoroughly and leave it to cook for some time.
When it is cooked,take another kadai add some ghee to it and fry the cashew nuts and then the add the raisins to it.
Now add the fried cashew with raisins to the jaggery aval.
The vella aval is ready and hot to eat.