Saturday, October 31, 2009



Beans -10 nos

Long beans (chawli) -6-7 nos

Snake gourd - half of one long one

Raw plaintain - 1

Yam (suran) -1 big piece

white pumpkin (safed bhopla) - 1 big piece

cluster beans (guar) -10 nos

Green peas (muttar) -100 gms

Drumstick - 1 long one

Potato - 1 medium size

Carrot - 1

Broad beans (papdi) -10nos

Yogurt (sour) -1 big glass

Coconut - 1 cup

Green chillies - 7-8

Jeera (cumin seeds) -2 tsps

Mustard seeds for seasoning -2 tsps.

Curry leaves - few

For grinding:

Yoghurt, Jeera, green chillies, coconut.


Cut all the vegetables length wise into pieces and wash them nicely.

Pressure cook them for about 45 minutes.

After the vegetables are cooked well, remove from the cooker.

Now take a wet grinder and add yoghurt,green chillies,jeera and coconut in it and grind into a smooth paste.

Now add the paste to the vegetables and add salt and sufficient yoghurt to cover all the vegetables and mix nicely.

Add curry leaves and if u want haldi powder 1 tsp (optional) or if you don't want haldi don't add

Now keep the mixed vegetable with curd mixture on the fire and boil till the froth comes up.

Do not keep on the fire for long or else the mixture will curdle.

After the froth has come up and the vegetables come together put off the fire.

Now the Avial is ready to be served.

You can have these with rice, chapathi, or paratha.


  1. I don't get half of these veggies here, but still manage avial with whichever I lay hands on. This avial of yours has all the right veggies to make it delectable. Left to me, I am content with just a whole bowl of avial, no need for anything else!

  2. Avial is my favourite as it has lots of colourful veggies in it...urs looks very delicious as well

  3. My all time fav..can have it at any time :-)

  4. ohh...i love aviyal....urs looks sooooo yummm...perfect!

  5. Prefect dish, can have it any time..

  6. Allways wanted to try Avial...One day for sure...And yes please collect your awards from my blog....5 awards....


  7. Avail looks delicious!! great recipe.

  8. My goodness this looks good. I am learning so much from your blog!

  9. Looks so creamy and delicious... long time since I made them and now I am really tempted :)

  10. This is my all time fav...
    pls do follow my blog

  11. I make it the same way :-). I add some sour cream sometimes for that extra richness and creaminess

  12. wow aviyal looks very very nice!!.. beautiful blog!! :)