Monday, October 26, 2009

Chatpati cholay (chickpeas)

I recently found this event at and decided to submit this recipe.The event was calling the bloggers to submit their chickpeas/cholay recipes.Please have a look at this.


Cholay - (chick peas) -1 medium sized packet

Tomatoes - 3 medium sized ones

Big Onion -2

Chat masala powder -3-4 tsps

Salt - as required

Small lemons -2 -3

Potatoes cut into small pieces -1 Big one (optional)

Coriander leaves for garnishing

Green chillies -3

Red chilly powder - 2-3 tsps


Soak the chole (chickpeas) overnight.

Pressure cook the chole for approx 15-20 minutes with water.

After the chole is boiled nicely remove from the cooker.

Now put the choles in whichever container.

Now cut the tomatoes into small pieces and onions also into small pieces and also green chillies into small pieces.

Now add all the cut items in the cholay put salt, chat masala, red chilly powder and mix thoroughly.

Now squeeze lemon and garnish with coriander leaves.

The chatpate cholay is ready to be served.

When ever you have a dinner get together you can serve this as a starter.


  1. Really chatpate.... My mom prepares the same with black chick peas..I love any kind of cereals, but the issue is with my gastric level is kinda high.......


  2. That is truly chatpate!! Must try it soon, as both of us are big fans of Chole.

  3. Nice one.Sounds interesting.looks so yummmm.

  4. really really tempting chatpate...

  5. An easy and healthy starter this is

  6. wow looks very yum.Very recently tasted it in my friend's place and it was made by her hubby.
    Looks tempting.send me a cup

  7. I thank all of u for ur valuable comments.It means a lot to me

  8. Hi I understand that some bloggers are not able to put comments in my blog.I shall sort it out soon.Thankyou for your feedback.In the meanwhile keep visiting my blog and you all are free to give ur comments.

  9. YUMMMM....I am trying this tomorrow!!

  10. Hmm!!! thats a lovely chatpati chat for the fall season..