Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sabudana (sago) Khichdi


Sabudana -1/2 packet

Potato - 1

Crushed peanuts - 1 Tblsp

Green chillies - 2-3

Small lemon - 2

Salt as required


Jeera - 1 tsp

Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp


Wash and soak the Sabudana with water just sufficient to cover it for about 2 hours.

Now take a kadai pour little oil and jeera and green chillies for seasoning and then add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and mix.

Now put the ready to use soaked sabudana in the seasoning and mix nicely by adding salt and crushed peanuts.

Cut potato into small pieces and cook and add to the sabudana mixture, and mix everything nicely.

Stir the whole mixture for about 3-4 minutes and then garnish with coriander leaves.

Remove from fire and squeeze with lemon and mix nicely and serve .

The Maharashtrians usually have after they break their fasting, but my daughter loves this khichdi and becomes very excited whenever I tell her that I have made it. She loves to have it more often and so also me and my husband.

Sonmetimes I love to have it for breakfast or as a snack and it is quite filling also.


  1. i love sabudana khichdi...but soak it for 30 mins and then drain and leave it overnight..

  2. here comes Wikipedia...grin. What is sabudana? By the way...great photos and I love khichdi

  3. Looks delightful..I bought a packet of sabudana last month with an idea of making kichdi but never made till now.. ! Now I will :)

  4. Looks colourful and tempting...

  5. this is my fave breakfast .. I love it

  6. Sabudana khichdi is absolutely new for me as I have never prepared it. It looks delicious. Thanks for the lovely recipe.

  7. simple and a healthy khichdi..looks delicious

  8. SImple, healthy and delicious it..

  9. So delicious!! For sabudana fans, this dish sure will please the palates!! nice recipe & very colourful... :)

  10. Looks really good,Makes me appetizing

  11. The pearls are looking separate, yet cooked. No wonder your daughter relishes this kichchidi.

  12. A nourishing kichchidi that looks very inviting :-)

  13. Wow I have never made khichadi with haldi n coriander as I always make it for a fasting day.One of my friend use to make it with onion and she said it taste awesome.

  14. This looks yummmm .. I love the little balls :)