Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Come back

Famosa Fort, Malaysia
Pattaya Beach, Bangkok
Buddhist Temple, Bangkok
Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India
Hello my dearest buddies, I am back with a bang. I would like to share my experiences of my pleasure trips with all of You.
Our family and another family friends of ours started off with Trivandrum sight seeing like palaces temples beaches etc. We left for Kanya kumari and went on to see the great Vivekananda rocks and the thiruvalluvar statue by a ferry which was very exciting since it was high tide and the boat was bumping and tilting enabling us to think that we would topple down.We went to a temple there,and saw the beautiful sunset which was lovely like a painting.We waited patiently for the sun to set and then left the place.

We took off to Kuala lumpur and checked into a nice hotel and little India was just a few yards away. We just kept wandering here and there went to the petronas towers to have a glimpse and view of the city, and also visited the telecom tower.

We went to the Orchid garden where we got to see lot of orchids which were a pleasant sight for the eyes, the the butterfly park where we saw thousands of different kinds of butterflies which were a feast for the eyes and which we have never come across flying all over us.

We went to the bird park where we got to see different species and colourful birds.It was so exciting.
We visited the Batu caves where we had to climb 272 steps to get to the cave to see some nice temples inside.There was a huge statue of Lord Murugan.It was a good experience climbing the vast steps and then coming down.

We went to the Genting Highlands where they take You by a Cable Car to the highest point, and there we visited the Casino and were there for some time and the husbands were busy playing in the casino and we went to the theme park to go in all the wild rides and enjoy ourselves.

We came down in the Cable car and celebrated the New year's eve in our hotel.

We then bade bye bye to Malaysia and left for Bangkok. We visited a lot of Buddhist temples in Bangkok especially the sleeping buddha which is very lengthy and difficult to capture in our camera, went to the floating market where we go on a small boat ride in the water and come across vendors selling goods also sailing in their boats and we get close to them and negotiate the items tobe bought from boat to boat which is something new not found in many places.They sell fruits ,bags show pieces and other things in their boats which you can buy from them from your boat.

We went for a Thai Dance show which was very spectacular amid astounding settings on the stage which would change by the blink of an eye.
The thai dancers were so beautiful and they were very friendly and would oblige us by posing with us for photographs.

We then left for Pattaya an island resort in Thailand and went to the beach and sat for hours together and there were lot of different vendors selling fruits,icecreams,also they offered to do manicure and pedicure right there.It was a unique experience for all of us.
The highlight of our programme was all of us underwent a foot massage in the thai parlour which was very relaxing after a long walk. We also underwent the fish Spa where we had to wash our legs and dip them inside a fish tank with a lot of cute tiny fishes which would go round our foot and remove the dead skin.
All in all we had a beautiful vacation and were back to our destination to start off our routine though we were in no mood to be back.

Now I am back to blogging which ofcourse I did miss a lot.


  1. Wow...........good to hear that you had lot of fun and enjoyment dear............good to see you back here......ur pictures are lookg great dear....thanks for sharing.

  2. That was lot of fun, Indu...Great pics and good to see you back..:-) Happy New year too !!!!

  3. Nice Pics.. and happy new year too

  4. Wow!!!!!! what a great trip & a break from the routine life.Great to see u back.Happy 2010

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing these virtual beauties...Happy new year to u & ur family..

  6. Welcome back!!wish u & ur family Happy & Prosperous New year!!Nice tohear that you had lot of fun and beautiful pics..:)

  7. I have heard of fish spa little weird to keep the feet and fish biting. Is that tickling effect?
    Overall a great escape,Happy New Year!

  8. Welcome back dear! Wish you and you family wonderful 2010. Beautiful pics.. Hope you get many more such happy moments through out the year!!


  9. A warm welcome to the rejuvenated & refreshed lady..... Welcome back Indu & wish you & your family a very happy new year..... You have enjoyed your days & it shows in the pics..... We had no time to meander much at Malaysia... Had been to the bird park, Kualalumpur & the Gentings of course.... That was enthralling of course....

    Ok.... u have enjoyed & rested much.... Now get back to work.... POST..... BLOGGYWOOD IS looking forward to your dishes....

    With many wishes for your dishes....


  10. Hi Indhu, good to see you back after a very enjoyable trip.
    You have summarised the trip so well that I relived my malaysia years :) Of course nothing to beat the beauty of the three seas @ our very own Kanyakumari.

  11. Pics show u had rocking time out there....

  12. Dear Indu, welcome back. We did miss you. Thanks for sharing with us all the wonderful pics of ur trip.. Looks like you guys had a LOT of fun. Malaysia is on my list of places to visit one day. Wishing you and ur family a happy 2010.Looking fwd to ur recipes..

  13. Hi. Wish you a happy 2010. Good to read that you had a fun filled holiday.

  14. Hey Indhu,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! You have a great blog too:) Will be following you. I have added you in my blogroll:)

  15. Hey....
    Nice pics..good to hear your travel Fun!!!Pics shows you had a great time...and welcome back..

  16. Wow - looks like you had such a great time. I love the fish part - I'd be very worried about little fish sucking the dirt off my legs!

  17. Wonderful pictures .Wish you and your family a very Happy 2010.

  18. welcome!! Wish you and your family a very happy new year..great pics. You seem to have had fun!!great..

  19. Lovely pics,happy new year to you and your family

  20. very nice clicks. happy new year.