Saturday, February 20, 2010


The lovely blog award and blog lovin award is given to me by Nitu Bala of Nitu's Kitchen and Renuka Bedre Rao of love of cooking.

All the above awards are given to me by Renuka Bedre Rao of love of cooking.
A Big thank you to both of you for showering me with all these awards.Its a great honour for me to accept them.Both of you are lovely bloggers with beautiful recipes to share.
I would like to share all these awards with my fellow bloggers who are all experts and wonderful bloggers with a wide variety of recipes.all of you truly deserve these awards. Please feel free to accept them.


  1. Congrats............I too have some more pl. pick it up....

  2. Kudos to you.... Deary..... Love to see them all here.... Enjoy more!!!!


  3. Heartiest congratulations for all your awards. Keep it up!

  4. Congrats for all your well deserved awards!! My co- blogger is on a maintaining all alone visiting all my fellow bloggers is a little difficult part with me right now...but shall definitely keep in touch..can't miss all the wonderful recipes right!!!

  5. Thanks for the visit, you have great blog too...congrats for the awards......

  6. congrats on all your awards !!!

  7. hey thanks so much for you comments on my blog..
    Congrats on your have a great space here..nice collection of recipes..

    hey have added the follower button on my can follow me now.

  8. Hi
    Congrats on all your awards.
    You have many tasty recipes, I loved the pumpkin chutney, rice varieties, Kadai,
    Going to try your recipes.
    Thanks for dropping in to my blog. Keep visiting me.

  9. Hi,
    Is it not possible to follow your blog? I am not getting your link to follow you. Please chk it.

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