Monday, July 12, 2010

Facts about water

1. Drink water that is pure and free of chemicals and pollutants.It is safer to drink bottled mineral water.

2.Mineral water comes from natural springs and contains natural minerals which are beneficial to digestion.

3. Sparkling water also aids digestion and is excellent for cooking as it helps to give lightness to a recipe.

4.Before buying bottled water check the expiry date.

5. Once openend refrigerate the water and use it within a week.

6. Don't drink straight out of the bottle, bacteria from your mouth could contaminate the water and create a health hazard.

7. Water is one of the most freely available natural medicines.

8. Increase your water intake and decrease kidney problems, cystitis,migraines, skin disorders and constipation.

9. Drink 6-8 glasses of water approximately one large bottle of mineral water to keep your brain sharp and your skin soft and clear.

10. You need to drink more water during summer if you excercise strenuously and/or are overweight.

11. Water purifies the blood.

12. Water helps to regulate and maintain body temperature, transport nutrients and oxygen, removes waste and toxins it also lubricants the mouth, eyes , nose, hair skin and even joints.

13. Water transports every nutrient to its destination in our body.

14. Every cell tissue and organ in the body requires water.

15. Each and every body process including breathing requires water. Everytime we breathe, sweat, move our bowels we lose water.

16. Water acts as bonding agent in our body's cell architecture.

17. your daily energy levels are dependent on water, because your body's chemical reactions are water dependent.


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