Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thattu Idli

This recipe is called Thattu Idli. Thattu in tamil which means plate, the thattu (plate) shoul be a little hollow to pour the Idli batter..

1) The first picture shows the thattu( hollow plate) with sufficient idli batter poured into it.

2).The second picture shows the batter has been steam cooked in a pressure cooker.

3).The third picture shows the cooked Idli batter cut into triangular shapes.

4).The fourth picture shows the triangular Idli pieces neatly arranged with molaga podi applied on them.


3 measures of Idli boiled rice and 1 measure of plain raw rice.

Urad dal (whole) - 1 full measure.

Sesame oil

Molaga podi (Idli chilly poder)

Salt as required


Soak all the rice together in water for 6-7 hours.

Soak the Urad dal separately for 2 hours.

Later drain the water and put the rice in a wet grinder with sufficient water and grind to a smooth paste.

Grind the Urad dal to a smooth paste pouring sufficient water in the wet grinder.

Now mix the rice and Urad dal batter together and required salt and mix nicely in a big vessel.

Put the palm of your hand in the batter and mix the batter nicely from underneath.

Now divide the batter into 2 vessels so that it should not over ferment and come down.

Leave the batter to ferment overnight so it becomes little sour.

The next day take a plate which is hollow and pour sufficient batter little less than the top.

Before pouring the idli batter grease the hollow Thattu (plate) with a little cooking oil.

Now take a pressure cooker and pour water and keep a stand on the water.

Keep the hollow Thattu (plate) with the idli batter on top of this stand.

Allow the batter to cook for 20-25 minutes.

After the batter has been cooked remove the hollow plate from the cooker.

When the idli is little warm, cut into triangle pieces.

Arrange the triangular pieces on a plate nicely and apply a little sesame oil.

Now apply little molaga podi  (Idli chilly powder) on each triangle.

The Thattu (plate) idli is ready for consumption.

You have this as it is with molaga podi which is already applied on it.

You can alternately have it with any chutney of your choice.


  1. Cute, reminds me of dhokla :)

  2. Inviting....

  3. Had it long back, makes me hungry.

  4. A very easy and simple recipe! Looks fluffy!

  5. Wow thats so tempting you remainding me my mysore trip....

  6. Its a very different Idli recipe and honestly I find this quite easy in comparison to the regular Idli.

    Glad to follow you :) Do visit my space when time permits

  7. we call these as thate idli in kannada, i love these since making is easier than the regular ones. it has turned out perfect