Saturday, October 24, 2009


Thank you Vidya for sharing the six awards with me.
I would also like to pass on these awards to my blogger friends:
Akkals Sappadu,SE Denufood,AshKuku,Mythreyi Dilip,Shanti,Radhika Ushanandini.


  1. Hey Congrats on the awards showered on you... & I'm so happy seeing my name in the list you share your awards with... But I do not know how do I accept them & show it off on my blog????? As I have not received any till date.... I've only been happy looking at others receiving them on their blogs... And when today my name flashes on the list... I stand dumb..

    If you could help me with this...I would be gr8ful to you...Or may be you could add another award for me The DUH!!! AWARD.... just for me...

    Do not laugh @ me... for being such an amateur.

  2. Thank you! and I mean it.....

    But you did not guide me on how do I take them or rather how do I transfer them onto my blog...& show them off on my blog...

    If u could...please...

    Sorry to bother you...


  3. hey ! congrats on getting these awards and thank you for sharing these with me as well

  4. Just stopped by to say that you have been tagged again! Please collect your awards dear! :)
    And oh, congrats on your awards!! Keep rocking gal!