Sunday, October 25, 2009

Raining new award

I have just received an award from Rohini

Than you so much Rohini for appreciating my blog and sharing the award with me. Its a great honour for me and it is also very encouraging for me and means a lot to me.
I would like to share this award with my other blogger friends and encourage them to experiment and put new dishes in the respective blogs for all of us.


  1. hey..congratulations on your award !!! just a quick note..sometimes there are issues posting comment on your blog..cant see the text box for word verification..

  2. Congrats dear.. You deserve it!!

  3. Hey dear, you might know by now, there are issues with posting comment in your blog. We are not able to see the text box for word verification. I am actually using "tab" to scroll down to see that text box. Please see it to it dear.
    My suggestion would be to change the comment settings to "Pop up" window. It may help!! You can moderate this comment, if necessary!!

  4. Congrats...Because of the problem with your comment box, couldn't notify about the awards in our blog, waiting for you. Pl go to the older post and collect it :-)

  5. Hey Indu,

    Congrats again.... It seems, that I have many more chances to congratulate you.... It's really raining....awards.... Congrats once again.... N joy these moments...they are totally yours...

    And yes, I have collected mine from your blog... Thanks again...