Monday, November 9, 2009

Podalangai verai thogaiyal /Snake gourd seeds chutney

Snake gourd -2 nos lengthy

Urad dal (black gram dal) -4-5 tsps

Whole Red chillies - 8-9

Tamarind - one small lemon size

Freshly grated coconut - 1/2 cup

Salt - as required

Hing (asafoetida) -1/4 tsp

For roasting in a little oil:
Urad dal, whole red chillies, snake gourd seeds

Cut the long snake gourd in the middle into 2 halves and remove all the white seeds from the hollow portion.

Now take a kadai put little oil in it and wash the snake gourd seeds nicely and roast them in oil.

After the raw smell goes, remove the seeds and keep aside.

Now add urad dal and red chillies and roast them in a little oil till golden brown.

Now put all the roasted items together in the wet grinder along with salt, hing (asafoetida) and fresh coconut and grind to a chutney paste with little water.

After the chutney is ground, remove from the grinder and put it in a cup.

You can have this chutney either with idli, dosa, or even with hot rice with ghee on top.
Now let me narrate a small incident to you all my dear friends, I had removed the snakegourd seeds and kept it in a cup just to prepare the chutney,You know what? now don't have a hearty laugh. My daughter just came home from an outing and headed straight to the kitchen looked at
the raw snakegourd seeds and put some in her mouth and started munching them thinking that they were custard apple with similar looking seeds.
You should have seen the look on her face my my she wanted to spit out the whole thing since the taste was a bit weird. Now she has vowed to think twice before having a custard apple.

Now roast


  1. Never heard of it... brand new to me :-)

  2. I do this chutney but with slight variation..urs looks tempting..

  3. never heard of it..but it looks worth a try..

  4. What a surprise! Today, I have also posted this recipe but without coconut.

  5. Never tried... this veggie till date.... a hatke from the routine....


  6. Oh! Just now saw the same dish in Shanthi's space. I never have tried using the seeds. I will try this too!

  7. Snake gourd seeds chutney is absolutely new recipe for me. Very innovative dish.
    Please collect your award from my blog.

  8. Reminds of my Amma's cooking, absolutely!She woiuld slightly roast the coconut too..will try with raw coconut!

  9. Wow!! Another use with Snake gourd recipe to me..and looks delicious...

  10. Never heard of it, got to try some day...
    I have become ur follower now.
    Pls do visit my blog

  11. That's quite innovative....very new to me...Now I know what to do with the snake gourd seeds next time I buy them :-)

  12. different chutney,never tried before,must try

  13. very innovative chutney!!looks yummy..Never tried chutney with snake gourd..would love to give a try:)