Friday, July 8, 2011

Raw green tomato masiyal

Raw green tomatoes

Raw green tomatoes cut into slices

Raw green tomatoes with the seasonings

Raw green Tomatoe masiyal


Raw green tomatoes - 1/4 kg

Dry red chilly - 3-4

Green chillies - 3-4

Haldi powder - a pinch

Hing - a pinch

Curry leaves - few

Coriander leaves for garnishing

Salt as required

Toor dal - 1/2 cup

Ginger 1 small piece (grated)

Sambar powder - 2 tsps

Lemon - 2

For seasoning:

Oil, mustard seeds, hing, dry red chillies, Urad dal. methi seeds, green chillies,grated ginger, curry leaves.


Wash the 1/4 kg raw green tomatoes nicely and cut them into slices as shown in the picture.

Take a kadai pour some oil in it and season with the seasoning items and the add the cut raw tomatoe pieces and stir nicely.

Now take a vessel and put the seasoning items with the tomatoe pieces and pour sufficient water on top of it and allow it to boil and cook.

In the meanwhile pressure cook toor dal with water.

Put salt,haldi powder and allow the liquid to boil and cook.

After the liquid has cooked nicely, remove the cooked toor dal and pour on the tomatoe liquid.

Now garnish with coriander leaves.

Now cut the 2 lemons into halves and squeeze them into the masiyal.

The raw tomato masiyal is hot and tangy and a little spicy to be had with chappathis as a side dish or even with plain rice with a little ghee.


  1. This is something new for me...never made anything with green tomatoes.
    Looks tempting.

  2. I love raw tomatoes and have made kootu with it. Looks tasty.

    Event: Fast food not Fat food

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  7. Thanks for this delicious recipe. My MIL used to make it a lot and I had forgotten about it. I must make some soon.

  8. Indu, this masiyal looks dleicious, next time when I buy green tomato i will try this recipe.

  9. very yummy and tempting .....

  10. This recipe is new to me..looks healthy and comforting too..

  11. New to me but it looks very yummy!

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  18. Hi!
    The color of the dish is Super. Looks delicious!

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