Monday, September 19, 2011

Mixture(Chivda)/pomogrenate fruit/ Tomato toast sandwich

Mixture (Chivda)

Pomogrenate fruit

Whole wheat bread slices with butter applied

Mixture(Chivda) put on top of a buttered slice

Pomogrenate and tomato put on the other slice

The two bread slices with the ingredients pressed

The bread slices with the ingredients toasted in

a flat toaster.


Whole wheat bread slices - 2

Mixture(Chivda) - 1 Tblsp

Pomogrenate fruit - 1/2tblsp

Low fat butter to apply on the bread slices

Tomato - 1 small cut into slices

Method :

Take 2 whole wheat bread slices.

Apply butter lavishly on both the slices.

Put 1 tblsp of mixture(Chivda) on one buttered slice.

Put 1/2 tblsp pomogrenate fruit and 1 small tomato cut into slices on the other

buttered slice.

Now slowly put the two slices one on top of the other.

Put the covered bread slices with the ingredients in a flat toaster.

Now toast the bread slices.

After the bread is toasted remove from the toaster and put on a plate.

Now the Mixture,pomogrenate and tomato toasted bread sandwich is ready.

You can have this with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

It will be crunchy sweet and tasty I am sure.


  1. I can feel the crunchu taste of the sandwich. Nice idea.


  2. Delicious toast Indu, nice crunch and sweetness for pomegranate.

  3. gr8 idea..looks delicious......

  4. Wow utlimate toast,makes me hungry..

  5. That's such an innovative and interesting sandwich...buttery, fruity and crunchy

  6. very nice and interesting recipe,luks yum...

  7. A crunchy yet juicy sandwich! Interesting snack!

  8. Awesomely different grilled toast....something to crunch, something to suck the juice in. WOW!!!!

  9. Yummy sandwich.. Lovely innovative recipe..surely kids delight!!
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