Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brocolli,Capsicum, Baby jacket potato stir fry


Brocolli - 1 small bunch

Baby potatoes - 10 nos

Capsicum -1 medium

Salt as required

Sambar powder - 2 -3 tsps

Pepper powder - (coarse) - 2 tsps

Hing a pinch

Jeera - 1 1/2 tsp



Remove the brocolli florets whole slowly and wash nicely.

Cut the capsicum into medium small pieces.

Wash the baby potatoes nicely under running water to remove the mud.

Cut the baby potatoes with the skin into half and boil in the microwave oven for 8 mins

Take a kadai pour some oil and season with jeera and hing.

Add the brocolli florets,capsicum pieces and the boiled baby potatoes with the jacket

and mix nicely and stir.

Add salt sambar powder and black pepper powderand mix nicely and stir fry.

After the veggies have been cooked and stir fried nicely, remove from fire.

Transfer to a vessel and enjoy hot stir fried veggies.

I don't mind having these with chappathis or even with rice either rasam or sambar.

You will love the crispy taste of the potatoes, the lovely taste of brocolli and ofcourse the

strong capsicum.