Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mor kuzhambu Vadai


                                                             Mor  Kuzhambu
Ingredients:                                      --------------------------
Thick sour curd /buttermilk - 1 cup

Fresh grated coconut

Jeera (cumin seeds) - 1 tsp

Green chillies - 4-5

Curry leaves - few

Haldi powder - 1/4 tsp

Salt as required

Take a wet grinder and put fresh coconut, jeera, green chillies sour curd and grind.

Pour this liquid in a vessel.

Keep the liquid on the gas and add salt haldi powder and curry leaves and boil on low flame.

When the froth comes up put off the gas or if it gets too much heated the liquid tends to curdle.

Remove the mor kuzhambu from fire.

The mor kuzhambu is ready.

Urad dal - 1 tumbler

Salt as required

Green chillies - 2-3

Curry leaves - few

Wash the whole Urad dal nicely and soak in water for 1 hour

Tke a wet grinder drain the water and grind the urad dal into paste with very less water.

Now add salt and green chillies while grinding the dal.

Pour the Urad batter in a vessel and add curry leaves into bits and mix nicely.

Take a kadai and pour sufficient oil and let it get heated.

Now wet your hand in water and take a small amount of urad batter.

put little rounds of the batter one by one into oil.

Keep turning the vadas so that they get cooked on both sides.

Now remove the vadas from the oil and put on a tissue.

Transfer the vadas to a vessel

Now put the vadas as many as you want one by one into the mor kuzhambu.

The more the vadas get soaked in the mor kuzhambu liquid the softer they become and tasty also.

The Mor kuzhambu vadais are ready to be enjoyed yummily.


  1. Yummy the idea of adding vadai to the kuzhambu

  2. Moar kuzhambu is one of my idea of comfort food. I make pruppu urundai moarkuzhambu, but never made the vadai in the kuzhambu. nice recipe. I shall be making the vadai soon for anjaneyar, that day i will make this recipe with the kuzhambu.

  3. Wow! This looks so nice, delicious

  4. Indu, I need some rice, this one looks delicious.

  5. Delicous...

  6. Never made vadais like this. I always thought they were dried. Will give this a try. Love mor kozhambu and kadi. They are so refreshing.

  7. Never heard of this recipe!! Sounds interesting and yummy!

  8. wow my fav, loved it at any time...

  9. Mouthwatering, vadas soaked in kadhi yum!

  10. A wonderful way to enjoy meal !.. Liked the idea..

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