Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lapsee adai /Daliya adai /broken wheat adai

Lapsee -1tumbler
Chana dal - 1fistful
Toor dal - 1 fistful
Moong dal - 1 fistful
Urad dal - 1 fistful
All the dals together 1 tumbler equal to lapsee measure
Red chillies - 7-8
Hing - less than a quarter tsp
Salt - as required
You can add curry leaves
You can add cut cabbage pieces, onion pieces etc.
Wash the daliya and the dals separately and soak them together in water for 1 hour.
Drain the water and in a wet grinder put the soaked daliya and dals and add water and
grind into a coarse batter along with the red chillies.
After grinding the batter transfer to a vessel add salt and hing and mix nicely.
You can make this adai after grinding instantly.
Take a dosa pan grease it with oil and pour 1big hollow spoon spread it
and add 1 tsp oil around it and let it cook.After one side is cooked,
flip it on the other side and cook.........................................................
The daliya adai is hot and ready to be had with molaga podi or any chutney of your choice.
This is a very healthy adai. 


  1. Adai looks very yummy and healthy. Mouth watering here.

  2. Recipe with a dal variety yummy

  3. Wat a healthy twist to the usual adai, too delicious and inviting adai.

  4. Never heard about Lapsi, new ingredient to me! Sounds Healthy though!

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  6. really healthy...!! thank u for sharing the recipe.

  7. Very healthy adai. ..thanks for sharing☺

  8. So yummy and easy to follow recipe...

  9. First time here.. Happy to follow you..this is such a healthy and delicious adai..perfect for breakfast..

  10. A nice change from the regular adai. Perfect for breakfast.

  11. Healthy recipe. Will try this. Thank you so much for visiting my space.

  12. A healthy twist to adai. It looks good too.

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  14. Interesting .. never tried adding lapsi.

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