Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Tips

Refrigerate in plastic bags which have holes punched in it -Apples, Artichokes,Beans, cherries, Grapes.

Refrigerate in plastic bags -Broccoli - Cabbage (after trimming)
Cauliflower (after cutting of outer leaves)
Celery - Corn Lychees Mangoes

Refrigerate uncovered - Avocados -Beetroot (after cutting off tops)
Custard apples -Lemons - Melons -Nectarines -Oranges - Peaches -
Pears -Pineapple - Plums

Refrigerate uncovered in the tray -Apricots - Capsicums - Carrots
Cucumbers - Brinjals - Figs
Grape fruits - Kiwi fruits
Pumpkins - Spinach - Tomatoes

Refrigerate wrapped in paper - Mushrooms

Store at room temperature uncovered -Bananas - Onions

Storage of pulses, cereal,spices, nuts and other food products
Pulses - Before storing, sun-dry and seive to remove dirt and tiny insects.

Wheat - Mix a few dried methi leaves in it.

Semolina (suji/rava) - Roast before storing

Flour - in air tight containers

Whole meal flour and Wheat germ - Refrigerate during warm

Spices and dried fruit - in dark jars.