Monday, May 6, 2013

Mango lassi


Mango - 1 medium (Alphonso)

Curd - 1/2 cup

Sugar - 2 tsps

Elaichi (Cardomom) - 1


Cut the mango by peeling off the skin.

Slice the mango into pulps and put in a bowl.

Take a Mixie Jar and add the mango pulp and Curd and sugar together.

Pulse into a smooth liquid without lumps.

Add 1 elaichi ground to powder and mix nicely.

Now pour the liquid into a glass.

The mango lassi is ready to be tasted.

You can refrigerate the lassi and then have it so that you can enjoy the true flavour.


  1. So delicious and yummy combi drink.

  2. Yummy lassi..have to make it soon

  3. my all time the combination of mangoes and cardamon.

  4. Always welcome and refreshing drink!

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  6. Mango Lassi looks delicious Indu, thanks for the birthday wishes to my daughter, she enjoyed great.

  7. Hi dear, thanks fro dropping by my space and for ur luvly comment.
    U'v got a nice space here. And mango lassi looks delicious.
    I'm ur new follower, will keep visiting :)

  8. My daughter's favorite, I am waiting for mangoes here :-)

  9. That looks lovely , truly my all time favorite !!

  10. voowww delicious lassi for this summer.I made it without sugar.Thanks for the recipe